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Pages: 21-36

Building Information Modelling Skills in Construction-Related Disciplines: A Social Network and Job Advertisement-Based Comparative Analysis

Author: Rahimi A. Rahman, Steven K. Ayer, Pingbo Tang, Matthew Eicher

Category: Grand Challenge Area

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Previous research efforts have attempted to identify the necessary Building Information Modelling (BIM) skills for individuals. However, prior works did not explore those needed for entry-level positions, and may be susceptible to respondents' bias. This study proposes using methods that do not require individual responses to identify those skills that are related to BIM. Specifically, the authors suggest using publicly available data on social networking profiles. This paper presents the results of the authors' research on identifying skills that are related to BIM and how they might be used in the industry. This study identifies those skills for graduating students by analysing social networking profiles and entry-level job advertisements. Additionally, the job tasks in those advertisements are analysed to illustrate how the skills might be used. This study performs those analyses to answer the following: (1) How do the skills differ between those that are possessed by individuals related to BIM and those that are listed in entry-level job advertisements that require BIM? And (2) How do the job tasks differ between BIM-specialized and non-BIM-specialized positions from the same entry-level job advertisements? The results suggest that there are discrepancies between the skills identified from the profiles and the advertisements. Additionally, while BIM skills may be a standard expectation in all positions in the future, there are BIM tasks that may disappear when BIM reaches maturity in the industry. Identifying and prioritizing the critical skills based on this type of analysis may enable educators to better prepare students for long-term success.

Keywords: BIM education, Building Information Modelling, skills, social network, job advertisement

DOI: 10.25219/epoj.2017.00103