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Pages: 114-134

Factors influencing the post-award governance of PPP projects: A proposed framework

Author: Venkata Santosh Kumar Delhi and , Ashwin Mahalingam

Category: Project Governance

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Managing the post-award phase of a PPP project is critical with respect to realizing the project's intended benefits to society at large. The impact of institutional contexts as well as strategic action by project organizations on post-award project performance have often been studied individually. However, a comprehensive framework that combines these categories, identifies specific factors within each category, as well as outcomes relevant to the post-award phase of PPP projects is missing. This study attempts to develop such a framework through content analysis of 354 peer-reviewed journal articles. The developed framework was then refined and validated using a three round personal interview based Delphi process. In doing so, the study identifies 19 critical dimensions pertaining to institutional environments and project characteristics, and 13 different strategic mechanisms that can impact outcomes in the post-award phase of PPP projects. Further, 7 outcome dimensions - financial sustainability, adaptability, legitimacy, the extent of restructuring, sustained performance, conformance to budget and conformance to schedule - are identified and conceptualized as a seven-dimensional vector that can be taken together to assess post-award project performance. The paper concludes by discussing ways by which this framework can be used to assess and predict the outcomes of PPPs post award, and attempts to contribute to our understanding of how PPPs can be successfully designed for ease of governance across their lifecycle.

Keywords: Public-Private Partnerships, Post-Award Governance, Institutional Environments, Infrastructure Governance, Strategy

DOI: 10.25219/epoj.2017.00109